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Objects for chanting sūtras.
Jikijitsu objects for chanting sūtras. From left to right: kin, rin and mokugyo

Sesshins give you the opportunity to concentrate on Zen practice for a weekend or a week, participating in the energy of the group. This can be to discover Zen for the first time or to deepen your practice.

Typical day


The day starts with chanting sūtras aloud.


Literally “sitting zen”. Sitting and breathing. Private interviews are possible.


Walking Zen between two Zen sittings.


Vegetarian and organic meals, eaten in silence.


Communal manual work, also called gyōzen, Zen in movement.


Way of Zen through brush. Beyond all technique, being “One” with the brush, your breathing and your movements. Only during ōzesshins (i.e. week-long sesshins).


Last sitting of the day, outside.

2023-2024 Calendar

Winter 2024 ōzesshinApril 2024 sesshinJune 2024 sesshin Summer 2024 ōzesshinAutumn 2024 sesshinRōhatsu 2024 ōzesshin
12–18 February18–22 April12–16 June05–11 August25 – 29 Sept.23 – 30 Nov.

Arrival in the afternoon of the first day of the sesshin, between 3.30 p.m. and 6 p.m. (before 5 p.m. if this is your first sesshin).

Departure after lunch and clearing up, on the last day at around 1 p.m.


The cost covers full-board accommodation, vegetarian and organic meals, and use of the Centre’s infrastructure. The daily rate is €70.

4 days (weekend sesshin)€100€180€280
6 days (ōzesshin)€150€270€420
7 days (Rōhatsu)//€490
Cost details of sesshins


You will be asked to pay the deposit when you sign up for a sesshin and the balance when you arrive. Any sesshin that you start is considered due. Any early departure from a sesshin, planned or otherwise, is not reimbursed.

By simply asking, people under the age of 26 and those on a low income can benefit from a 50% reduction of the cost.


To register, contact the Centre.

Your registration is validated when we receive your deposit by cheque or bank transfer. If you cancel up to 10 days before the start of the sesshin, the deposit is transformed into credit for a later sesshin, valid for a year. If you cancel at the last minute, your deposit is not reimbursed except in the case of force majeur (family reasons, illness such as COVID, etc.).

Registration for the Rōhatsu ōzesshin is reserved for people who have already taken part in at least one ōzesshin at the Falaise Verte Zen Centre and is subject to the approval of Taishin Sōmyō. Registration is validated when we receive the full payment for Rōhatsu.

Membership of the Falaise Verte Zen Association

For insurance reasons, annual membership of the Falaise Verte Zen Association is mandatory to take part in a sesshin.

Ordinary€34For people coming to the Centre for the first time or for people not subject to French income tax.
Support€80For people renewing their membership.
BenefactorAny amount above €80For people who wish to contribute a larger amount to support the activities of the Centre.
Summary of the different types of membership of the Falaise Verte Zen Association

Membership includes subscription to the Revue du Centre Zen, an annual printed newsletter (available in French only).

Practical details

Participants will receive an email with all the required practical details about two weeks before the start of the sesshin.

You can bring your own bedclothes:

  • pillow case, under sheet and sleeping bag, or,
  • pillow case, under sheet and over sheet (blankets are provided).

Otherwise, you can hire sheets and a pillow case. In this case, you will be asked to contribute €10 towards laundry costs.

When you register, you can request a single room for a supplement of €40 per stay. Whether or not we can meet this request depends on the total number of participants.

See the directions to access the Centre.