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Taikan Jyoji is guest on the TV programme “Sagesses Bouddhistes”, Sunday 30 January at 8.30 a.m. on France 2

Taikan Jyoji à Sagesses Bouddhistes

Taikan Jyoji is a guest on the programme Sagesses Bouddhistes (“Buddhist Wisdoms”) on Sunday 30 January at 8.30 a.m. on France 2. The theme of the programme is: the importance of breathing in Zen meditation.
If you can’t see the programme when it’s broadcast, you can view it on replay on the website for a month.
We have also made all the previous programmes featuring Taikan Jyoji available online via the Centre’s YouTube channel. To access the channel, click the red logo at the bottom of this page or follow this link.

Taikan Jyoji on the TV programme
Taikan Jyoji interviewed by Aurélie Godefroy on Sagesses Bouddhistes 30 January 2022